Thank you for your interest in my music studio!


I am a private instructor of flute, clarinet and piano. My approach to music instruction is well-rounded and highly motivational. My goals are to nurture a love of music and music making for all students while developing the skills necessary to achieve success on their instrument and in life.


All students are encouraged to:


explore a variety of musical styles to develop a comprehensive musical knowledge, enabling each student to discover the musical styles they prefer;


express themselves through thoughtful performance of learned music and creative composition of original music for their instrument;


learn music theory and history through a practical, integrated approach that enhances musical understanding and performance;


participate in a variety of musical activities such as the fall, spring and Honors recitals, and play in small ensembles with peers (ad hoc duets and trios, or the more formal Clarinet Choir and Flute Choir) to encourage shared musical experiences and comraderie; and


develop the strategies, mindset, and discipline necessary to mature as musicians and individuals.


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