Achievement Rewards Guidelines

Though regular practice is critical to a student's success on their instrument, a number of other factors are also important, including but not limited to:

  • Willingness on the part of the student to put forth continuous effort, even when feeling frustrated or challenged;
  • Identification of difficult sections of a piece followed by patient and thoughtful practice of these sections;
  • Mastery of assignments within a reasonable amount of time so the student can feel a sense of accomplishment and progress;
  • Regular completion of assigned worksheets or theory assignments that help integrate new concepts;
  • Careful student attention to practice rubrics and individualized practice plans that help them work through musical challenges.


The guidelines for the Achievement Rewards system are meant to accomplish the following:

  • reward students for meeting a practice goal specifically tailored to their needs at the time, or for putting forth the consistent effort necessary to meet this goal
  • engage each student in collaborative weekly goal setting with the teacher so the student is personally invested in the meeting the challenges of learning their instrument
  • recognize each student's individual efforts and success rather than creating an atmosphere where students feel compelled to compete with their peers for rewards


Achievement Rewards Guidelines


1. All students enrolled in the Studio for school year lessons are eligible to participate. 


2. At each lesson the student and teacher will set a goal that the student must meet by the next lesson in order to receive a reward sticker. The goal for each week will change as necessary to address the musical challenges facing the student at the time.


3. When the student accumulates the tenth sticker, the achievement will be marked on the chart with a gold star, the student will receive a reward. For the past year and a half, I've given $10 Amazon gift cards to each student who accumulates ten achievement stickers. These rewards have been very popular with the students, and can be spent on music or another item of the student's choosing.