Introductory Lessons

Students interested in enrolling in the studio are asked to attend a free introductory lesson. This lesson gives the student and I a chance to work together, and the parent an opportunity to observe the lesson and determine if the instruction provided is a good fit for the student. To schedule an introductory lesson, please contact me.


After the introductory lesson, parents can enroll their student by:

  • Purchasing/renting an instrument (if necessary) and purchasing any supplies outlined in the introductory lesson;
  • Reading and submitting a signed copy of the studio lesson policies;
  • Completing and returning the student profile questionnaire (click here)
  • Submitting payment for the first month's lessons by the first of that month.

Student Practice

To receive the maximum benefit from the lessons, it is important that the student both attend lessons on a weekly basis and practice regularly. A weekly practice schedule will be set up by the instructor for each student based on age, ability level, and goals; students should plan to follow this practice schedule regularly. Depending on the age of the student, parents may be asked to supervise daily practice to ensure that practice happens regularly and correctly.