Student Performance Opportunities

The fall "Music for Mutts" fundraiser concert takes place in the fall and gives students and opportunity to use their talents to give back to the community. This event also engages the talents of local professional musicians, combed with fundraising activities such as a silent auction and 50/50 raffle. Proceeds are donated to MAS Rescue in Baltimore which finds permanent homes for animals in high kill shelters. The Honors Recital takes place each March and is an invitation-only event that provides the most dedicated students within the studio with the opportunity to prepare one or two challenging selections of a more serious nature. The Spring Recital takes place in early June each year and all students in the studio are encouraged to participate. Both performance dates are published as part of the school year calendar prior to the beginning of each school year, or as soon as the dates become available. Additional performances may be scheduled throughout the year, interest and opportunity permitting.

Clarinet and Flute Ensembles

Small ensemble experience is excellent for developing wind players. It provides them with the opportunity to work together in an intimate and relaxed setting while learning a wide variety of music and develoing valuable leadership and collaboration skills. When possible, flute and clarinet students are invited to join small ensembles that may perform at one of the recitals.

Practice Incentives

The student achievement chart is one method used to encourage students to take an active part in their musical learning and make weekly progress towards their musical goals. At each lesson, the instructor and student will set an achievement goal for the student to meet by the next lesson. Goals might include: completing and logging required practice minutes; mastering a difficult song/section of music; or completing a frequently overlooked theory assignment. If the student demonstrates accomplishment of the goal by the next lesson, he/she will receive a sticker to place on the achievement chart, and another goal will be set for the upcoming week. Once ten stickers have been accrued, the student receives an achievement prize.