Parent and Student Testimonials

"Two thumbs up, five stars, and 10 out of 10! On every rating scale, I would give Kim the highest score for her wonderful musical instruction."

    - Sarah, parent of Alden (clarinet)

"Ms. Kim runs an extremely well organized and positive music studio. No matter what else is happening in my son's life, I know I can always count on the time with Ms. Kim to be a bright spot in his week."
     - Amy, parent of Asher (clarinet)

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"I always feel good when I leave my lesson and it motivates me to practice more."
     - Asher (clarinet)

"Ms. Kim an extremely kind and patient teacher who makes lessons challenging yet fun and brings out the best in her students. "

        - Jennifer, parent of Alice (piano)

"Kim Murray is awesome...she has the ability to make each kid feel comfortable in their ability and is always challenging them to be better."

      - Jeanne, parent of Matthew (clarinet) and Anthony (piano)


"Ms. Kim is a kind and gifted teacher who strives to adapt her lessons to the student's learning style. She brings out the best in her students."
    - Lisa, parent of Clint (flute)

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"I have been taking piano lessons from Ms.Kim for nine years, and I really, really, love them! Her classes have given me an appreciation for music and for the important skill of practicing consistently. She’s the best piano teacher ever!"

    - Anya (piano)



"Kim Murray is amazing at inspiring kids across a range of age groups. She is cheerful, clear, organized, and most importantly, patient— she makes learning a truly enjoyable experience. I’m so glad our daughter has had her support over so many years - she’s a great mentor! ."

    - Ashwini, parent of Anya (piano)