Parent and Student Testimonials

"Two thumbs up, five stars, and 10 out of 10! On every rating scale, I would give Kim the highest score for her wonderful musical instruction. Her enthusiasm and passion for music are evident during every lesson and recital. As a result of her high expectations and encouraging feedback, my son is always motivated to meet his practice goal and persist when faced with a challenging piece. She has helped nurture a love of music that has enriched his life and brought joy to him and to his family."

    - Sarah, parent of Alden, clarinet student for 6 years

"Ms. Kim runs an extremely well organized and positive music studio.  Not only does she work to advance your child's musical skills - she's an excellent teacher and is always inventing new ways to make sessions fun and challenging. No matter what else is happening in my son's life, I know I can always count on the time with Ms. Kim to be a bright spot in his week."
     - Amy, parent of Asher, clarinet student for 10 years

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"I always feel good when I leave my lesson and it motivates me to practice more."
     - Asher, clarinet student for 10 years

"After almost three years with Ms. Kim, our daughter still enjoys playing the piano, practices regularly, and looks forward to her weekly lessons - which says a lot given how challenging it can be to get 'tweens to practice.  Ms. Kim an extremely kind and patient teacher who makes lessons challenging yet fun and brings out the best in her students. Being able to continue lessons remotely every week throughout COVID-19 has been incredibly helpful to our family.  Ms. Kim did not miss a beat and provided much-needed consistancy during an uncertain time."

                                            - Jennifer, parent of Alice, piano student for 5 years

"Kim Murray is awesome. She has a great attitude and has been very patient in teaching my two sons clarinet and piano. Kim has the ability to make each kid feel comfortable in their ability and is always challenging them to be better. I like that she is a professional and understandsthe steps it takes in becoming a good musician."

      - Jeanne, parent of Matthew, clarinet student for 4 years, and

        Anthony, piano student for 4 years

"Ms. Kim is a kind and gifted teacher who strives to adapt her lessons to the student's learning style. She brings out the best in her Studio participants. And our entire family raves about the amazing Music For Mutts recital and fundraising event, which is such an enjoyable combination of community philanthropy and performance."
    - Lisa, parent of Clint, flute student for 5 years

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"I have been taking piano lessons from Ms.Kim for nine years, and I really, really, love them! Her classes have given me an appreciation for music and for the important skill of practicing consistently. With her help, I learned pieces like Flight of the Bumble Bee (which I’ve wanted to play ever since I was little.) She’s the best piano teacher ever!"

    - Anya, piano student for 11 years

"Kim Murray is amazing at inspiring kids across a range of age groups. She is cheerful, clear, organized, and most importantly, patient— she makes learning a truly enjoyable experience. I’m so glad our daughter has had her support over so many years - she’s a great mentor! ."

    - Ashwini, parent of Anya